The forum is one of the key pillars of AYS; AYS was established to provide young and talented scientists, across Africa, opportunities for them to reach out to the world and contribute meaningfully for the development of our dear continent, Africa. This forum will serve as a fulcrum for the birth, fertilization and launching of ideas to the world. The mentees will have unrestricted access to mentors, online and offline, to guide them through in their careers. Our mentors have being selected and still been selected with a high standard for scientific excellence, integrity, and love for an impactful life.


The mentor-mentee relationship is about sacrifice, commitments, and responsibilities. To be able to discharge and execute these obligations, there must be a sound and healthy agreement of the mentors accepting the mentee(s) honestly and sincerely, and vices versa. When this is well adopted expected outcomes from the relationship would easily be achieved. Some expectations from mentors.

  1. They should have a copy of AYS brochure containing what AYS is all about, its program, mission and vision. That will give them an idea of the task ahead.
  2. We would request for mentors’ readiness to welcome and have listening ears to mentees’ challenges and be ready to be of help and rescue. Mentees should also be free to access some of the mentors for information and assistance in various institutions and capacities.
  3. Mentees may request access to meet mentors in their various labs and institutions to use their facilities and probably learn some skills and/or collaborate with them
  4. Mentors should be to serve as facilitators and/or speakers in our webinar meeting to share their experiences and treat some topics related to their area of specializations or experiences.
  5. Mentors should also be ready to accept our invitations for subsequent programs such as seminars or workshops.
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To achieve an effective and maximum benefits from the AYSMP each mentee is expected to follow to the following guideline religiously.
  1. Respect the opinions/guidance of your mentor by using it and according it its due significance.
  2. Communicate meaningful ideas to mentors bearing it in mind that they positively scrutinize it to help make the idea a success
  3. Build on mentors' help and also help others in order to develop strong research networks
  4. Always update your mentor about your progress
  5. Don't use your mentor as a 'spare tire'.
  6. Be open minded by expecting that your idea will not always be approved by him/her.
  7. Value your mentors' time having it in mind that he/she can't recover time spent with you or on your work
  8. Be honest with your mentor always.
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What our Mentees say about us

AYS has exposed me to how to go about scientific researches especially in the medical field. It has also broadened my thinking and has avail so many opportunities for me to grow as a neuroscientist.
Clement Lawson
Abuja Nigeria
AYS has served as a challenge platform for me. It's one platform that is pushing and challenging me to do the needful towards becoming a great scientist.
Adetunji Adedeji
AFRICA YOUNG SCIENTISTS (AYS) has created an incredibly simple way for hundreds of young scientists from diverse Africa nations to be easily mentored and guided toward achieving their career dream. AYS is like "a captain that every ship needs to survive the Storm"
AYS has exposed me to so many opportunities and the advice has really helped me both as an individual and a researcher. The information being shared and meeting people with the same goals has been amazing.
Ndu Miracle Chidera
AYS has taught me the importance of networking with other scientists. I have also got firsthand information on conferences, scholarships, and the likes.
Inioluwa Akindoyeni
AYS has made me familiarize myself with a broader range of conceptions in regard to research. Most importantly, thank you, sir, for the mentorship received and the prompt response to our messages both mails and Whatsapp. Always believing we can do better and ready to stand for us as a referee.
Zachariah Richard

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